White Clams in Brine
White Clams in Brine
Siesta Co

White Clams in Brine

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Indulge in the delicate flavors of the sea with Siesta Co.'s White Clams in Brine, a cherished delicacy sourced from the pristine waters of Northern Spain and coastal France.

Carefully harvested to capture the essence of Spain’s northern coast, these clams are bathed in a refined brine, embodying the purity of oceanic taste with just a hint of sea salt for a natural, fresh flavor. Ideal for elegant appetizers or as a distinguished addition to your favorite seafood dishes, these clams celebrate the subtle artistry of Spanish cuisine.

For an enhanced experience, add a dash of sherry vinegar or your vinegar of choice before serving, offering a taste of the ocean's bounty in every tender bite.

Ingredients: White clams, water, and sea salt

Net Weight: 4 oz

Some words from the brand: 

Siesta- A daytime nap after a midday meal, a Spanish emblem and the symbol of the good life.

We are a Spanish couple, in love with America. After a decade in the States, there’s only one thing we miss as much as our family and friends: authentic Spanish products.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Siesta was born to bring you the things that we miss and love from Spain, closer to you: genuine, hearty, high-quality, responsibly-caught, and sustainably-farmed products from the old world for a modern lifestyle. The road-side stands of fresh produce, the sleepy, out-of-the way family farms, the traditional wisdom to prepare food that has stood the test of time and makes our culture unique. We are just getting started with a brand new line of delicious conservas, or tinned fish.

All of the seafood that we work with is sourced by fisheries in Galicia, Spain (an area we consider to have the best seafood in the world!) All of which are wild caught and sustainably fished; exclusively all natural ingredients, packed into organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our goal is to make an exceptional Spanish culinary experience more obtainable to foodies throughout the USA, while representing the wonderful world of Spanish gastronomy in the process. We have worked hard with our local fishery/cannery to develop pricing that will allow our conservas to be accessible to many different types of consumers.

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