Venus Rose Essence Body Spray
Venus Rose Essence Body Spray
Venus Rose Essence Body Spray
Venus Rose Essence Body Spray
Devi Mukta

Venus Rose Essence Body Spray

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The intention behind this essence is to infuse our hearts with the beauty and grace of Venus. Venus Rose essence is the cornerstone that elevates Devi Mukta into the realm of being homeopathic and alchemical. We believe that treating our entire being, including the energy body, is the foundation of true wellness. How you feel translates into the world and is reflected back exponentially.

The heart center it is one of the most sensitive energetic centers of the body, always taking in emotion and sensation from our environment. Sometimes this can be too much, causing us build layers of protection around the heart. The Venus Rose essence melts away unwanted protection that may be hindering us from fully experiencing our lives and our beloved people clearly and with grace, while still honoring ourselves and others.

This divine essence was crafted on the Big Island of Hawai’i on June 6, 2012, when Venus transited the sun. This rare occurrence, which was visible from the Hawaiian Islands, will not happen again until December 10, 2117. Using traditional flower essence practices, we combined the energy of Venus as it transited the sun with an organic white tea rose that was given to Devi Mukta.

Rose and Venus are a potent pair. in fact, during the eight years it takes for Venus circle the Earth, its path traces the pattern of a rose around the Earth. In addition, roses are a symbol of love, affection, beauty, compassion, and purity. By infusing the rose essence with the powers of Venus, we exponentially increase the beauty and grace already infused in the tea rose.

We include this essence in our line to ensure that every time you apply Devi Mukta to your being, you are revitalized with the purity of unconditional love.

with Rose, jasmine, marjoram and vanilla

Smooth out any rough edges in your body, mind, and spirit with this divine blend that invokes positivity and spiritual feelings of joy, happiness, and hope.

  • boosts self-esteem
  • increases mental strength and creativit
  • protects against negative energies and emotion
  • invokes romantic feelings

Application: Mist body day and night and in between for a luxurious feel to the skin.

Ingredients: R.O. water, aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerine, *witch hazel, brandy, eos:*rose, jasmine, *marjoram, vanilla, Venus Rose Essence.

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