Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō
Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō
Siesta Co

Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō

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Siesta Co.'s Small Sardines in Yuzu Koshō pair the mild, delicate flavors of small sardines with the distinct, citrusy bite of yuzu koshō.

These tender sardines, immersed in our premium organic extra virgin olive oil, are elevated by the unique blend of yuzu's aromatic zest and subtle spiciness.

Perfect for enhancing your culinary creations or enjoying straight from the tin, these sardines blend traditional Spanish craftsmanship with a refreshing, international twist, making them ideal for sharing and savoring

Ingredients: Sardines, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yuzu Peel, Green Pepper, Sea Salt

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