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Reusable Lint Remover

Reusable Lint Remover

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Discover the exceptional eco-friendly and sustainable Lint Remover, a conscious choice for your retail store that caters to eco-conscious and environmentally friendly living. Unlike disposable lint rollers, this lint remover stands out as a low-impact product that aligns with green living principles. What makes this lint remover truly remarkable is its reusable nature.

By opting for this eco-friendly alternative, you actively reduce waste and contribute to ethical consumption. When the lint-removing surface becomes saturated, it's as simple as gently rinsing or brushing off the accumulated lint, and it's ready to be used again, demonstrating your commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Featuring a sturdy wooden handle that ensures a comfortable grip, this lint remover effortlessly glides over your garments and upholstery.

Materials: Wood Handle Metal

Head Dimensions: Length: 5.75"

Width: 5" Handle

Length: 3.75"

Handle Width: 1"

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