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Refillable Sisal Dish Hand Brush Refill (Brush Head Only)

Refillable Sisal Dish Hand Brush Refill (Brush Head Only)

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A refill for our new and improved Refillable Sisal Dish Hand Brush that is great for kitchen cleaning, general household scrubbing, stuck on foods and builds up. It cleans pots, pans, tubs and shower walls.

Fewer replacements through replaceable heads reduce waste and save you money by allowing you to only purchase a new refill instead of replacing the whole brush.

Why Refillable Sisal Dish Hand Brush? though our Refillable Sisal Dish Hand Brush may cost more upfront, it's a wise investment for lasting savings. Regular users, especially those with poor kitchen ventilation, often replace brushes every three months. With our refillable option, just buy affordable refills for a more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

Directions: scrub pots, dishes, and other surfaces with dish soap as needed 

Care Tips: rinse the brush after use, air dry with bristles down, using the wooden wall hook for efficient storage and drying.

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