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Real Gardens Grow Natives

Real Gardens Grow Natives

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For many people, the most tangible and beneficial impact they can have on the environment is right in their own yard. Aimed at beginning and veteran gardeners alike, Real Gardens Grow Natives is a stunningly photographed guide that helps readers plan, implement, and sustain a retreat at home that reflects the natural world. Gardening with native plants that naturally belong and thrive in the Pacific Northwest's climate and soil not only nurtures biodiversity, but provides a quintessential Northwest character and beauty. 

Gardeners or conservationists who lack the time to read through lengthy design books and plant lists or can't afford a landscape designer will find Real Gardens Grow Natives accessible yet comprehensive as it provides the inspiration and clear instruction needed to create and sustain aesthetically-pleasing, functional, and undemanding gardens. 

With expert knowledge from professional landscape designer Eileen Stark, Real Gardens Grow Natives includes:
* Detailed profiles of 100 select native plants for the Pacific Northwest west of the Cascades, plus related species, helping make plant choice and placement straightforward
* Methods to enhance or restore habitat and increase biodiversity
* Landscape design guidance for various-sized yards, including sample plans
* Ways to integrate natives and edibles into existing gardens 
* Specific planting procedures and secrets to healthy soil
* Advice for easy maintenance using organic methods * Propagation and sourcing tips* And much more!

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