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Diaspora Co

Pragati Turmeric: 48g Everyday Tin - Diaspora Co

Pragati Turmeric: 48g Everyday Tin - Diaspora Co

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Grown by our beloved Kasaraneni family amidst marigolds, bananas, and black rice on their 3rd generation farm. Whilst Mr. Prabhu Kasaraneni’s family has been farming for three generations, he is a self-taught organic farmer who began growing heirloom Pragati turmeric in 2015, with assistance from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.

This is the spice Sana started the company with! In search of an heirloom turmeric that was regeneratively grown as well as delicious, she was recommended to Mr. Prahbu Kasareneni by the Indian Institute of Spice Research. Prahbu was a young idealistic farmer, and the only one in his area to start growing regeneratively, which initially brought critique from nearby farmers, until they saw how well he was doing. Today, it is still one of our most well-loved spices, and for good reason—it's delicious!

About Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co. Spices was founded to radically reimagine the spice trade: investing money, equity and power into the best regenerative spice farms across South Asia, and bringing wildly delicious, hella potent flavors into your home cooking. We’re a queer, woman of color owned & led biz, so beyond championing gorgeous heirloom spice varieties, we’re committed to creating something for us, by us. Deepening what “Made in South Asia'' can mean, and how we tell our stories of freedom, struggle, and diaspora through food.

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