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Devi Mukta

Peridot Gem Body Spray - Forgiveness

Peridot Gem Body Spray - Forgiveness

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Gems hold a very specific and strong consciousness within them, and each one is a unique combination of elements. These gem essences were made in synchronization with the cycles of the moon to ensure the utmost potency. As the moon waxes and wanes, so does each vibration and gem build upon the previous one in the line.


with Litsea, petitgrain, and rosemary

Peridot gem spray has the power to awaken new beginnings and is used in birthing to create an energy of openness. Peridot brings the power to help us process our emotions, heal a bruised ego, and delight in the nature of one’s own life!

  • clears and uplifts the mind
  • protective
  • helps with moving forward from job loss or a break-up
  • warm & friendly

Application: Mist body day and night and in between for a luxurious feel to the skin.

Ingredients: R.O. Water, *aloe vera el, vegetable glycerine, *witch hazel, EOS: *litsea cubeba, *petitgrain sur fleurs, *rosemary, peridot essence


 We start our journey with Peridot and the energy of forgiveness, for we must first learn to forgive if we are to allow in the next energy of Moonstone, which is a conduit for healing. Once we have found forgiveness and healing, we are now ready to embark on a spiritual journey with Peruvian Blue Opal to reclaim lost aspects of ourselves.

While this integration occurs, the energy of Green and Purple Fluorite lets us connect to the heart-mind center within. This connection is a pivotal moment in choosing to live in a vibration of love instead of fear, each and every day.

Ruby comes next, grounding our energy so we can manifest out heart’s desires. This rooting-inn often leads us to the next step, where we find deeper patterns that need to clear. And so we call in Kyanite to help us align and dissolve old ways of being that no longer serve us.

All of this leads us to our ultimate expression of self, which is to find the teacher within and trust our inner guidance. This is aided by Tibetan Quartz.

These Gem Sprays all come together to help guide you through your spiritual evolution to self-realization. They are an ally on the path, a way to help you unify with source energy and experience the power of synchronicity in a pure and beautiful way.

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