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Origami Air Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Purple - S

Origami Air Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Purple - S

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ORIGAMI AIR dripper is very light, transportable and made of AS resin, which is a material strong against impact and heat.

The shape is the same as porcelain ORIGAMI dripper and it is light, hard to break and easy to carry. Additionally, the plastic dripper makes it easy to maintain the temperature while brewing. It is a good entry model. 

The ORIGAMI Air is perfect not only for professional baristas but also for anybody who enjoys a pour-over at home and camping and any other outside activities. Lightness and durability are a great benefits of AIR dripper!!

 *Specs Dimensions: 5.59in x H3.42in (M size)

*Specs Dimensions: 4.52in x H2.75in (S size)

*Hole diameter: 0.98in(For 3-4cups)

*This product DOES NOT come with the dripper holder.

 *Dishwasher safe

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