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Maftoul is a traditional artisan food made from whole wheat bulgur and flour.

Canaan women’s cooperatives make maftoul according to tradition by spreading bulgur on a tray, sprinkling it with water, then dusting it with whole wheat flour and hand rolling the bulgur into pearls. Maftoul is steamed in a colander, then dried so this handcrafted goodness can be shared with the world.

Traditionally, maftoul is prepared with chicken stock, tomato sauce, and chickpeas, a favorite winter meal in Palestine. Enjoy its satisfying texture topped with your favorite stew or served cold as a salad tossed with fresh herbs and dried fruit.

Made in Palestine

About the Canaan Palestine:

Canaan Palestine and fair trade are one and the same – we’re a social entrepreneurship project established in 2004 with the goal of applying the fair trade model to olive oil. We connect with fair trade farmers across Palestine under the banner of fair trade. We work with over 2,000 artisan family farms spanned across 52 different villages. We are engaged year-round with these communities, committed to long term partnerships with fair trade principles that ensure transparency, full direct payment, fair prices and purchase guarantee. Canaan partners with like minded companies in the pursuit of supporting and preserving our precious ecosystems and the farmers that take care of them. Through our network of farmers and abundance of biodiversity in the region, we're able to produce a variety of products tailored for any business looking to enrich their products with wholesome sustainable ingredients. Canaan Palestine is head quartered in Burqin, Jenin and has a US office in Madison, WI and a distribution point in Pleasant Prairie, WI

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