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Madhur Jaggery: 60g Everyday Tin

Madhur Jaggery: 60g Everyday Tin

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Grown in the historic, rain-fed, sugarcane-growing Daund region, our jaggery is grown and processed by Kantilal Randive, a well-known soil health expert.

Our sugarcane is intercropped with dhaincha (sesbania bispinosa), chickpeas, and wheat for soil health. Its juice is clarified using traditional methods — incorporating wild okra to remove the impurities — for a clean, nutty jaggery powder!

Use the jaggery to sweeten your cups of chai and haldi doodh, and for other drinks, baked goods, and more! Given that jaggery has a high molasses content (AKA the nutritious brown stuff that is usually pulled out of sugar during the refining process), expect a deep, rich flavor that comes in clutch when you're subbing it in for any sugars.

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