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Curio Spice Co

Madagascar Pickling Spice

Madagascar Pickling Spice

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Inspired by the flavors and spices of tropical Madagascar, this pickling blend is mellow, yet flavor packed. Featuring earthy turmeric, floral baies roses, zesty voatsiperifery wild pepper and other classic spices, we love this for pickling as well as infused vinegar.

-Tasting notes: earthy, zesty, peppery, floral, warming

-Pairs well with: summer squash, green beans, vinegar

-Try in: summer squash pickles with madagascar spices

Ingredients: Turmeric chips, coriander, voatsiperifery wild pepper, baies roses pink pepper, mace, mustard, clove.

Ethically sourced spices. 

About the brand: 

Curio Spice specializes in sustainably produced spices, sourced locally and from around the world. Our mission is to build relationships with small-scale farmers, share their stories, through our unique blends, and support fair trade. We are an independent, woman-owned benefit corporation. Looking for spices for food service! Send us a message! Most of our blends are available in bulk.

B- Corp certified

Made in USA

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