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Lemon Lavender Doughnut Baking Mix

Lemon Lavender Doughnut Baking Mix

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As whimsical as they are delicious, Lemon Lavender Doughnuts are citrusy, floral, and delectably sweet. Topped with a lemon glaze and dried lavender, these charming doughnuts will delight your senses while conjuring up a breezy summer's day.

They're truly unlike any doughnut you've tasted before. Homemade Lemon Lavender Doughnuts are perfectly suited for an elegant garden party, picnic, or sophisticated shower. Making these doughnuts is easy and fun--with simple instructions and batter that comes together quickly.

After baking for only 15 minutes and topping with glaze and lavender, you'll have a dozen beautifully decorated doughnuts to share with friends and family. Making them is a joy. No baking skills required.

Lemon Lavender Doughnut Baking Mix Includes:

- Baking mix

- Glaze Ingredient Mix 

- Lavender

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