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Le Petit Cartomancien & Guide | facsimile of a vintage deck

Le Petit Cartomancien & Guide | facsimile of a vintage deck

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36 card Petit Lenormand first published in 1875 by B.P Grimaud. This Lenormand deck differs slightly from more modern lenormand decks. While some of the cards will be familiar to experienced lenormand users, others will be new.

Each card in this deck is meant to represent someone in one's life. For instance, cards such as marchand (merchant/businessman), une veuve (widow), une brune (a brunette) etc.

This deck was used in French Salons to help in navigating the complex, often political relationships that Parisian socialites maintained. Along with the deck, there is a two piece box for storage and a guide with a list of translations of the card names and meanings, as well as instructions straight from a translated guidebook on how to read with them.

Large 4.75 inch by 2.75 inch cards on 350 gsm thick coated card stock.

Made in USA.

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