Kitchen Knife

Kitchen Knife

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Boxwood handle with carbon steel blade. 22cm

The Pallarès Solsona kitchen knife is as beautiful as it is functional. Like a mini Chef's knife, it's a worthy companion on both a fishing trip or holiday charcuterie board.

In the town of Solsona, Spain, the tradition of knife-making dates back to the sixteenth century. The Pallarès company is now the last knife-making workshop in the town. For over a century, Pallarès has sought the highest quality materials to craft the best cutting edge, sharpening every knife by hand. This knife will last a lifetime with proper care and sharpening.

Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and will hold its edge longer before needing to be sharpened. However, carbon steel requires more care than stainless steel. It is natural for carbon steel to develop a patina over time. Always keep the knife dry, as carbon steel will rust if it remains wet. Use a blade oil to keep it sharp and reduce the likelihood of rust.


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