Homemade Pickles Cucumber
Homemade Pickles Cucumber
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Homemade Pickles Cucumber

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Small- to medium-sized cukes that are perfect for the pickle crock.

Love pickles but think they're too much trouble? Not ready to take on canning? These prolific cukes have the perfect thick skin and crunchy toothsomeness that makes for the perfect pickle. Grow them and then follow Margaret Roach's easy Refrigerator Pickles recipe. All that's required is water, vinegar, salt, some spice, and some fresh homegrown cucumbers harvested when they are still young. On her blog, A Way to Garden, Margaret writes, "think of these unprocessed pickles as a seasonal treat, a real rite of the harvest season."

Growing Instructions

Performs best when direct sown 4" apart soon after last frost and protected from cucumber beetles with row cover. Thin to indicated spacing once seedlings put on their first true leaves. Row cover can be removed once plants start to push against it. Plant in moderately fertile soil and water regularly. Cucumbers can be trellised or allowed to grow on the ground. Harvest when cucumbers are green and white and the skin begins to smoothen, but before they become shiny and yellow.

About the Artist

Artwork by Gina Palmer. This relief print made using linoleum speaks to the feeling of tradition that accompanies the art of pickling. Gina is an illustrator, educator, bird lover, and gardener. She is inspired by nature's underdogs and all things farm and garden.

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