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Half Apron

Half Apron

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Homaekake Work Apron
29. 1⁄2” L x 18” W, Waistband 98”

Known in Japan as “maekake,” traditional craftsmen’s aprons have been used for over 200 years. This Workshop Apron is made in Japan from 100% cotton on shuttle looms that have been used for over 100 years. The looms weave richly textured, dense fabric, creating a durable but soft apron that is suited for everyday use, from your kitchen to your garden. The traditional indigo aprons are woven, sewn and hand-dyed in low-power, ecology factories by Japanese craftspeople who have inherited century-old techniques. Details of this Workshop Apron include selvedge, a fringed edge and a handy side pocket. The Japanese Workshop Cotton Apron measures 18.5l x 26”w and comes packaged in a repurposed rice bag with silkscreened graphics. The apron is machine-washable but do not wash with whites as color may bleed.

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