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Linen Tales

Eucalyptus Linen Coasters Set of 4: 4"x4" | 10x10 cm

Eucalyptus Linen Coasters Set of 4: 4"x4" | 10x10 cm

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A fun and beautiful way to bring a little bit of excitement to the table with our fantastic Linen Coasters, you can do that easily.

Made from 100% linen, they are highly absorbent and durable.

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea without worrying about them sticking to the bottom of a cup or waring down.

- Mitered hem keeps the coasters shape precise and beautiful

- The fabric for linen coasters are double-sided

- 100% linen, 185 g/m2

- Stone washed for extra softness

- Handmade with love in Lithuania

- OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certified linen fabric


Linen is the strongest, and most resistant natural fiber has unique bacteriologic properties and is less prone to wear and tear down. Your favorite linen pieces can last you for many years with proper care!

To avoid shrinkage, the machine washing temperature should be 40°C / 100°F; for thin linen fabrics, avoid using a washing machine; it’s best to do it by hand. Avoid harsh powder detergents to clean the pieces and use oxygen-based bleach only on white linen. For best drying results, hang-dry your linen; if you don’t have such an opportunity, use a tumble on low and remove it while still damp. You can iron the fabric for a neat look, but we encourage you to embrace a natural crinkled look. 

Learn more on how to take care of linen fabric. Read our fabrics care guide.

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