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Chikamasa T-300 Carbon Steel Japanese Scissors

Chikamasa T-300 Carbon Steel Japanese Scissors

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Designed for trim precision required of bonsai masters, the B-300 series is made from the highest-quality Japanese materials for accuracy and endurance.

An efficient harvest tool, the Chikamasa B-300SF is ideal for grape trimming and pruning, as well as high-end bud production. With no spring, these scissors are easier on the wrists and help prevent wrist aches and pains. Chikamasa B-300 shears are the perfect tool for trimmers who work long hours with an attention to detail.

Made of stainless steel with a fluorine coating, making them resistant to sap and resin build up. 

-Sharp strong blade, high quality Japanese carbon steel

-Stainless steel rivet

-Ergonomical grip made from ABS resin provides stress free movement and reduces fatigue. 

Made in Japan


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