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Marius Fabre

Black Soap Ready to Use Spray 750ml

Black Soap Ready to Use Spray 750ml

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Made exclusively from olive oil, no added dyes, no solvents, no preservatives, ready-to-use household liquid black soap is 100% natural. An economical, greener alternative, it's good for people and good for the planet. It is made according to the Marius Fabre patented formula for black soap and owes its natural color to the olive oil it contains.

Made in France

Instructions for use:  Shake well before use. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. No need to rinse.


  • 100 % vegetable oils (olive oil)
  • No colouring, no added fragrance, no preservatives
  • No chemical additives

The Marius Fabre Philosophy:

"For over 120 years and through four generations, our family has been trying to keep our ever threatened know-how alive : making true Marseille soap by conserving the techniques of saponification in cauldrons.

Our secret is the knack passed down through generations, from father to son, then from father to daughter.

Our primary concern is the high quality of our  raw materials.

Our soap is made using only vegetable oils, especially olive oil. No colorants or synthetic substances are added. This exceptional purity renders it beneficial for the skin and environmental-friendly.

All our products follow the same line of thought.

This know-how, patience and rigour are the rules which allow the Marius Fabre soap factory to produce a Marseille soap of peerless quality.

Today, we are proud to carry on the tradition started here in 1900 by our great grand-father, Marius Fabre.

Marie et Julie Bousquet-Fabre

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