Wildflowers of California’s Klamath Mountains
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Wildflowers of California’s Klamath Mountains

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Including the Marble Mountain, Russian, and Trinity Alps Wilderness areas

Wildflowers of California’s Klamath Mountains features flowering plants found within one of the most biodiverse temperate mountain ranges on Earth. This photographic collection is representative of the most common, beautiful, and unique plants across this amazing region.
• 629 species, subspecies, and varieties of wildflowers
• Over 800 full color images organized by flower color
• Localized, detailed species descriptions
• Destinations to find flowers throughout the year

The Klamath Mountains are a fascinating and botanically diverse area situated at the the crossroads of the Coast Range, Modoc Plateau, Sacramento Valley, Cascade Range, and Sierra Nevada the Klamath Mountains and hold representative species from each. Combine that with their attendant geology, topography, and climate, and the floristic diversity is second to none for a temperate region.

“This gorgeous book is a visual feast for anyone with an interest in natural floral beauty, especially of some of northwest California’s most floristically diverse hotspots. Stunning color photos paired with engaging, straightforward descriptions and comparisons make this an indispensable guide to the rich diversity of botanical gems in the heart of the Klamath Ranges. It will be treasured both by those traveling to these premier wilderness destinations and those who prefer to indulge in their floristic highlights from afar.”   —Bruce G. Baldwin, Curator of the Jepson Herbarium, U.C. Berkeley

“This book is the culmination of Ken DeCamp’s life-long love of photographing and identifying wildflowers. He brings the Trinity Alps and their spectacular display of wildflowers to life in this richly photographed guide. A monumental achievement.”   —Matt Ritter, author of California’s Trees Among Us

“Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps is a comprehensive guide to over 500 species of flowers found in this diverse and beautiful part of northern California. Organized by flower color for the enthusiastic amateur, the photographs and descriptive text tell each plant’s story to help with identification in the field. A nice touch is the author telling where he found and photographed many of the flowers. If there’s a weakness, it’s that few of the photos include enough foliage to get a sense of how the entire plant looks.”   — Mark Turner, Photographer

“This up-to-date guide to the wildflowers of the Trinity Alps is a gorgeous treasure. Ken De Damp’s beautiful photos and wonderful descriptions make this a guide for all botanical abilities. Julie Kierstead Nelson and Julie Knorr provided the latest botanical names to each of the wildflowers included. The innovative descriptions of flower parts are priceless and a very useful reference in itself. This guide is a delight with breathtaking photos and informative descriptions that make the reader want to explore the wildflowers of the Trinity Alps.”   — Linnea Hanson, President of Northern California Botanists

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