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Set of 2 Reusable Organic Coffee Filters - Hario® v60-02

Set of 2 Reusable Organic Coffee Filters - Hario® v60-02

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CoffeeSock makes natural filters, with better flavor, that make a more reliable brew for less money than buying single-use paper filters. There's no reason not to go reusable!

CoffeeSock filters are made from organic sustainably harvested cotton.

Each set of 2 CoffeeSock filters lasts at least a year.

They're easy to use and maintain. Just place the filter like you normally would and make your coffee. Rinse the filter when you're done and let it dry out before the next use.

CoffeeSock was started in 2011 to create a superior class of organic sustainable coffee filters that you can use guilt-free. Over the years we've tweaked and perfected our filters to last longer than any other and preserve even the most subtle flavors of the highest grades of gourmet coffee. We make all of our filters in the USA in Austin, Texas. Get the most for your home and for your life from CoffeeSock!

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