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Framed Lovers Eye Pin

Framed Lovers Eye Pin

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No jewelry in the Victorian era was as rich with symbolism as The Lover's Eye. Some were sent to provide a symbolic part of the giver to their beloved. Other pieces were delivered as a sign that the recipient “had the eye” of a secret admirer. Yet others wore the pieces as a sign of loyalty and accountability, holding themselves to behave at all moments (and through all temptations) as though a distant love espied their every action.

We invite you to gift or wear one of these alluring ornaments in the modern era to strengthen a bond between two souls, show that a new flame has your eye, or simply to create a new mystery of your own making.

The Lovers Eye line is an exclusive for Seance. Each piece was lovingly recreated and reimagined. It comes in a jewelry box with the Lovers eyes label.

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