Rosebud's Story

Rosebud Home Goods Storefront

What’s my story? I was born and raised in Humboldt (and some chapters in Nahiku on Maui). I've lived on every coast, finding lasting inspiration from Whidbey Island, Miami, Nantucket, the Gulf Coast, San Diego, and of course, the Redwoods. The historic buildings and landscapes of these places have influenced my aesthetic. Some of my strongest memories are of learning new skills (usually by trial and error, with inadequate tools). I yearn to create, tinker, and most of all, make my surroundings simply beautiful.

I have dedicated almost 30 years to education, striving to instill wonder and a love of learning in my students. I've also always yearned to be a shopkeeper and create a shared space that makes my heart sing. I'm still working in education (thus my limited weekend hours at the shop). Rosebud is yet another venue to inspire creativity and a desire to learn. 

Be well,

Rosie Slentz, Ed.D